Duck egg candles

Duck egg candles


  • 12 duck eggs
  • Kilo of pebble wax (or just old candles as long as they're not dirty)
  • Food colouring (turmeric or artificial)
  • Candle wicks   


  1. With a knife, tap around the top of each egg, and using your finger, carefully lift away the top of the shell then pour the contents of the egg into a bowl for later use in cooking.
  2. Wash the eggshell out carefully under warm tap water and leave to dry.
  3. Carefully place a wick in the bottom of each egg, breaking the membrane so it stands firmly in place. Sit the eggs in their boxes to keep them steady when you pour in the wax.
  4. To make the wax, melt the wax pebbles or old candles in manageable batches using a foil-lined heatproof bowl over a pan of very hot water. Pinch a pouring lip in the foil and pop the wax pebbles in.
  5. Add in the colouring, and stir in with a stick or end of a paintbrush once the wax begins to melt. Make sure your wax doesn’t get too hot and become a fire hazard.
  6. As soon as it has melted, carefully pour into the prepared eggshells. Readjust the wicks when the wax is half-set if need be, and leave to set completely in a cool place.

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