Double-sided lampshade

Double-sided lampshade


  • STICK-IT lampshade laminate (available from most craft stores or online here)
  • Fabric
  • Rolled edge tool
  • Double-sided lampshade tape
  • Lampshade rings
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fire proofing spray


  1. First measure the circumference of your frame and add 1.5cm/0.6in for overlap, the height of your lampshade is up to you.
  2. Lay out the double-sided laminate and carefully measure and cut with an old pair of scissors, making sure you cut the along the lines as straight as possible. This will mean the top and bottom edge of the lampshade will be straight.
  3. Take the fabric for the lining and iron and treat with fireproofing spray.  Making sure it is dry, lay the fabric out right side down on the table, place the laminate on the fabric, ensuring that it is lined up straight so that it is parallel to the edge of the fabric. Stripes and squares are much more difficult to work with so a random pattern is easier for a first attempt. But if you are using a stripe make sure you align the fabric with the stripes, fabric is not always printed straight!
  4. Peel the backing off the underside of the laminate and stick the edge down firmly, gradually peel the backing off until the whole length is stuck. Smooth well, trim the fabric close to the edge all the way round and turn over and smooth to make sure there are no creases in the lining.
  5. Place the outer fabric right side down on the table and put the laminate, inner facing up.  Line up according to the pattern, choosing where you want the pattern to fall and also make sure it is positioned straight.  Using a long ruler and a pencil, draw around the laminate, adding 1.5 cm/0.6in along both long sides and 1cm/0.4in at one end. These lines will provide an accurate guide when sticking and cutting.
  6. Beginning where the pencil line is tight to the laminate, peel the backing off the underside of the laminate and line up the edge with the pencil line, peel back and stick, smoothing and watching the guide lines to ensure you stay on track. Turn over and check there are no creases in the outer fabric. Use scissors to cut around pencil line.

  7. Take both frames and use the double sided sticky tape to run a line of tape around the edge of each piece, position the tape so that it is halfway on the frame and gently press all round.
  8. Place a line of sticky tape on the lining at the end where 1cm is allowed, peel off the red backing and fold the 1 cm/0.4in fabric on to the sticky tape, then place another line of tape on top of this fold and leave the red tape in place.  Peel the red tape off the lampshade rings. You might need a second pair of hands here!
  9. At this point you need to decide whether you are making a pendant or table lamp shade.  A pendant will have the light fitting as the top ring with the fitting sitting inside the top of the shade, a table lamp will have the light fitting at the bottom also with the light fitting sitting inside.

  10. Place the ring with the light fitting in position at the end without the fold. The ring should sit on the edge of the fabric covered laminate not on outer the fabric. Roll along a little way, place the second ring in position on the other side of the laminate and roll to the same position. 
    Keep rolling both frames simultaneously, before reaching the end, peel off the red tape and roll the lamphade on to the tape, pressing firmly to join.  Smooth the fabric on to both sides of the tape before standing the shade.
  11. Take the rolled edge tool and fold the extra fabric against the sticky tape, then use the smooth edge of the tool to tuck the fabric behind the ring, cutting small triangles around the spokes and tucking the fabric tight around them.
  12. Once all the edges are tucked in, stand back and admire!

Project written by Lynne Sharpe.  Lynne is a Textile Artist who runs The Make It Room from Howe Green near Chelmsford in Essex.  Lynne teaches a wide range of craft workshops and courses. Find out more here.

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