Cuddly owl toy

Materials needed:

  • Templates: Click to download: body, heart, wing, feathers, beak
  • 1m (1 yd) grey fleece, 150cm (60in) wide
  • 30cm (12in) square each of white, red polka-dot, and mustard yellow fleece
  • 50cm (20in) square of turquoise fleece
  • Lilac polyester sewing thread
  • Turquoise polyester sewing thread
  • Toy filling
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Darning foot
  • Permanent marker pen
  • Card
  1. Transfer the templates onto card and cut out. Place the body template on the wrong side of the grey fleece. Using a permanent marker pen, draw around it twice. Cut out both pieces.
  2. Using the templates for the eyes, heart, beak, wings, and feathers, draw around the templates on the wrong side of the relevant colour of fleece: cut out two eyes  from white fleece, one heart from red polka-dot fleece, two wings from turquoise fleece, and one beak from mustard yellow fleece.
  3. Place the owl body front right side up on your work surface. Using the photo as a guide, pin the eyes, heart shape, wings, and beak in place.
  4. Fit a darning foot on your sewing machine and thread the machine with lilac polyester thread. Using the photo as a guide, free-motion stitch the eye design and around the edge of the beak and heart.
  5. Change to turquoise thread. Using the photo as a guide, free-motion stitch around each wing and stitch a small heart design in the centre of the large polka-dot heart.
  6. Place the feather template on the wrong side of the mustard yellow fleece, draw around it twice, and cut out the shapes. Using the photo as a guide, position the feathers in the centre of the wings and attach using fabric glue.
  7. Change back to a regular sewing machine foot. Pin the front and back of the owl right sides together. Taking a 1cm (½in) seam allowance, machine stitch around the owl, leaving a 8cm (3in) gap at the bottom for turning out.
  8. Trim the seam allowance to 3mm (1/8in) to reduce the bulk, and turn the owl right side out. Stuff with toy filling and whipstitch the opening closed.
  • Taken from Fleece Fantastic by Rachel Henderson, Coco Books, £12.99.