Create the perfect bouquet for Valentine's Day

Create the perfect bouquet for Valentine's Day

There's lots of ways you can share your feelings as Valentine's Day approaches, but few more traditional than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether you want to leave a hint to your loved one, create your own special seasonal bouquet or give a bunch to a friend to say how much they mean, floral designer, Judith Blacklock who's previously arranged flowers for royalty, shares her expert advice.

  • Stay conventional. Red roses are always best, either on their own or with a little something to add a sparkle of interest. You could consider adding garden herbs like rosemary or other foliage or twigs from your garden which makes it smell gorgeous.
  • Beware of roses that are soft when you squeeze the base or if the petals are translucent. This generallyu means that they won’t last and might not even make it muchy past Valentine's Day.
  • Less can be more. Whilst you might want to really dazzle them. you don’t have to send a huge bouquet of roses to do that as it really is the thought and impact that counts.  Just a few beautiful roses with a Viburnum tinus adds a touch of something different to the bouquet without detracting from the quietly beautiful roses.
  • Make up lovely combinations. A real show-stopping and fun combination is red roses with budding branches like pussy willow- these send a lovely subtle message about your budding romance and how it is going to bloom.
  • Make an ivy wrap. To do this, wrap a trail of variegated ivy around the stems of the roses to cover the tie. You can even use this instead of a ribbon.
  • Don’t forget to cut the stems of your flowers once you bring them home. It's always best to remove the bottom 10% of the stem before placing in clean water.
  • Remember to water your roses daily. Flowers really dislike central heating and dirty water so use the special cut flower food and top them up with fresh water every day. If you're not using cut flower food then be sure to change the water daily.

Judith runs the Judith Blacklock London Flower School and runs a range of bouquet-making and floristry workshops. She's running a special Valentine's Day Bouquet course on 12th February.

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