Craft ideas to put al fresco dinner back on the menu

Craft ideas to put al fresco dinner back on the menu

Tea towel cushion covers

These tea towel cushions are easy to make and are stuffed with plastic bags making them a great way to recycle.

1. Lay the tea towel flat with seams facing up and the longer edges at the sides. Fold the lower third up into the centre and the top third down so that it overlaps the bottom third by 3cm.

2. Pin the sides together leaving a 7cm opening flap in the middle (so you can still fit your cushion filling inside).

3. Sew up the sides where you have pinned, then turn the cushion over and sew ribbon over the length of each seam, leaving enough spare at each end to use as a chair tie.

Tip: Stuff with an existing cushion pad or try stuffing with plastic bags. Evenly stuff one plastic bag with other bags before securing the top with double-sided sticky tape.

Pebble place settings

These will not only look good and make your guests feel special, but will also stop place names and napkins blowing away on a breezy day.

1. Bind a single stem of a garden rose with twine or pretty ribbon.

2. Take a long piece of colourful wool or embroidery thread and tie around a medium-sized pebble.

3. Write the names of each guest on a tag or label and weave on to the thread, before tying the thread securely to the rose stem.

Table runner

This novel table runner puts old books to good use, especially ones where the pages are falling out, adding a touch of elegance to your al fresco dining. Simply arrange and fix the overlapping pages along the centre of your tablecloth using double-sided sticky tape.

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