Button heart cushion

Button heart cushion

Difficulty rating: 1
Size: To fit a 30x40cm (11¾x15¾in) pillow.    


  • 2 pieces of linen 31x41.5cm (12¼x16¼in)
  • 4 pieces stripped fabric 3x55.5cm (13/8 x217/8 in) (Both include a seam allowance of 0.75cm (3/8in)
  • 1 zip, 35cm (13¾in) long
  • Lots of different buttons in white, pink and grey, 3-20mm (1/8 -¾in) diameter
  • Water-soluble marker pen
  1. With right sides facing, place a strip of striped fabric on each short end of the linen pieces, for the front and back. Sew along the seam allowance and neaten the seams in zigzag stitch.
  2. Transfer the heart template to the middle of the front piece of linen using the water-soluble marker pen. Sew on the buttons to fill the heart.
  3. Sew the zip in between the front and back. Sew the front and back pieces together with
    the right sides facing, leaving the zip slightly open, and neaten the outer edges.
  4. Turn the cushion right side out and shape the corners. Stitch along the seam between the linen and striped fabric strips to finish.


  • Taken from Vintage-Style Gifts for the Home, by Christa Rolf, published by Search Press, £7.99

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