Bear hand warmer

Bear hand warmer

Time needed: 1.5 hours


  • Sheet of felt in light brown
  • Sheet of felt in dark brown
  • Fat quarter of beige fabric
  • Vanishing fabric marker
  • Black & Brown embroidery thread
  • Rice

How to make:

  1. Begin by drawing a pocket-sized bear face to use as a template, or print the one we made below – enlarge the image to A4.
  2. Cut out the nose and ears from the template so you have four separate bits – a face, ears and a nose.
  3. Pin and cut out the fabric allowing roughly a 1cm seam allowance for the face and ears (you do not need a seam allowance for the nose piece). Cut as follows: Dark brown felt – cut four ears; light felt – cut one face and the nose; beige fabric – cut one more face
  4. Pin together the ears and sew around the curved edge. Trim off the excess, snip along the seam and then turn out.
  5. Pin the felt nose onto the front of the bear fabric (use the paper template to line it up if you like). Sew in place using blanket stitch around the edge – either by hand or on your sewing machine.
  6. Use an air dry fabric pen to mark on the nose. Then use brown thread to stitch along your pen line and satin stitch to fill in the nose. Mark out the mouth and eyes with the fabric pen and stitch with black thread.
  7. Pin the ears to the top of the face, facing inwards into the eyes.
  8. Now pin the front and back fabrics right sides together and sew with a one centimetre allowance round the bear, leaving a two inch gap along the bottom for turning. You can pin the template back onto the fabric and sew around the paper if you want to be accurate.
  9. Turn the bear the right way out and press. Pour in rice until the bear is two thirds full.
  10. Fold and pin the raw edges inside and slip-stitch the gap closed.
  11. Your lovely new bearwarmer is now finished! Pop him in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm up or you can place on a radiator. Why not make him a few friends, a bunny or a piglet perhaps…

Project from Little Button Diaries for the Hobbycraft blog.

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