Apple key cosy

Materials needed:

  • Apple template (download here)
  • Leaf template (download here)
  • Two pieces of red felt measuring 12cm (4½in) square
  • Two pieces of green felt measuring 8x5cm (3x2in)
  • Stranded embroidery flosses (threads): see Yours tip
  • Approximately 25cm (10in) of ribbon
  • Paper for templates
  • Paper scissors and fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Embroidery needle

Yours Tip:

Use four strands of floss to do the embroidery, two strands each of two different shades of red on the apple, and green on the leaves. It’s a subtle effect, but it does make a difference.

Step one:  Trace the templates and cut out. Cut out two apples from red felt and two leaves from green felt. Using chain stitch, embroider a circle on what will be the front of the key cozy. Start in the middle and stitch in a tight spiral.

Step two: Place the two apple pieces’ wrong sides together. Starting at the mark at one side of centre top, sew the edges together using irregular blanket stitch. When you get to the mark at one side of the center bottom, continue stitching, but through one layer of felt only, edging it rather than sewing the layers together.



Step three: Blanket stitch across to the mark on the other side of the center bottom, then stitch both edges together up to the mark on that side of the center top. Edge the felt around the top opening with blanket stitch and secure the floss by looping it through stitches on the inside of the apple. Finally, rejoin the floss on the inside of the apple at the bottom and blanket stitch across the raw edge of felt.


Step four: Knot the keys onto the middle of the length of ribbon. The ribbon needs to be long enough for the keys to hang below the apple when the ends protrude about 1.5cm (5/8in) above the top.


Step 5: Thread the ribbon ends up through the apple and out of the hole at the top. Baste (tack) the ends to the wrong side of one of
the felt leaves.


Step 6: Position the second felt leaf shape on top, sandwiching the ribbon in between. Blanket stitch around the leaves, stitching the ribbon in place as you go. Remove the basting stitches. Simply slide the apple over the keys when you’re not using them.

  • Taken from Sew-licious Little Things by Kate Haxell, published by CICO Books (£14.99)