8 Christmas craft ideas to try with a Sharpie pen

8 Christmas craft ideas to try with a Sharpie pen
  1. Personalise your gift wrap and gift tags by buying it blank and letting the grandchildren add their personal touch by decorating them
  2. Decorate your own tree baubles in festive colours, draw holly or ivy along the ribbon before hanging them up (as pictured)
  3. Colour in existing wooden festive tree decorations to personalise your Christmas tree, again decorate the ribbon before hanging them up for an extra special touch to your tree
  4. Decorate a plain mug in festive colours and patterns to give as a gift - just make sure they don't put it through the dishwasher. Add even more sparkle by using glitter and metallic Sharpies.
  5. Decorate your own festive holiday plates or bowls with Sharpies to hold your Christmas nibbles
  6. Create your own festive bunting by reusing old scraps of material, an old bed sheet or pillow case. Decorate with red and green Sharpies and tie together with ribbon. A simple triangle and alphabet letters can be created as stencils
  7. Personalised glasses – draw in pencil on paper the design you want to have on your glass, attach the paper with sellotape to the inside of the glass with the design facing out. These look especially great with the Sharpie Metallic range. Shake it up a bit and decorate just the base of the glass with festive swirls or stars
  8. Create festive place names for your Christmas dinner table. Add gems and glitter and felt holly if you’re feeling particularly crafty

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