5 ways to decorate with poinsettias

5 ways to decorate with poinsettias

In a teacup

Just one or two poinsettia flowers placed in a vintage teacup and saucer makes an attractive table decoration.

Under glass

Make your potted Poinsettias a real focal point by placing them under a glass bell jar.

Hanging Christmas stars

Plant your poinsettia in a sky planter so that the blooms hang upside down.

Wrap up in wool

Use an old knitted scarf or jumper to decorate a poinsettia pot. Tie togther with coloured string and use pine cones, wooden stars and baubbles to add to the arrangement.

Hang from the tree

Use a clear plastic baubble with a hole in the middle to hold a single poinsettia flowers. LIne the baubble with water soaked moss. This will keep it hydrated whilst hanging on the tree.

Happy Christmas!

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