5 crafty ways to revamp your living room for under £5

5 crafty ways to revamp your living room for under £5

Tips from Joseph Beeby, DIY Guru and Handyman Operations Manager at Handy the UK’s fastest-growing provider of on-demand cleaning and DIY experts.

  1. Paint yourself a pretty chalkboard. For a unique wall feature, paint a patch of chalkboard paint onto your wall and find an old photo frame to place around it. It can be a great talking point when your friends are visiting. Whether you want to write down a daily affirmation, aspirational quote or simply have one of your guests draw you an interesting picture, its wipe clean nature will ensure you will never get bored of it.
  2. Make cushions out of old clothes. Do you have a dress you never wear but just cannot bear to throw out? Perhaps you love the pattern but the style is dated. Why not use the fabric to make cushion covers? The beautiful print won’t go to waste and you’ll have some stylish new cushions for your sofa.
  3. Create a feature chair. A bold wooden chair in the corner of your room will not only serve as extra seating for when visitors come over, it will add a splash of colour. Take an old wooden chair, or find one for a couple of pounds at your local car boot sale, sand it down and simply paint it with the colour of your choice. One or two tester pots should do the trick.
  4. Make art out of old book covers. We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover but why hide a beautiful book away on a dusty shelf? Car boot sales are a haven for old books and they can often be bought for pennies. Frame your favourite covers and display them on your wall for a unique piece of artwork. You could even frame a particular page and highlight a quote that has a sentimental meaning to you.
  5. Up-cycle. Bored of your lampshade or curtains? Give them a new lease of life with a trip to the haberdashery, or even the charity shop, for some cheap trims and ribbons. The options are endless, from fringing to lace (even pom poms), to add some colour and texture so you can give those tiresome items a fresh new look and ensure they complement each other. If you have some old necklaces or beads lying around you can even put those to use for a more luxe finish.

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