Collecting antique corkscrews

Those of us that enjoy a glass of wine will have noticed we're more used to unscrewing rather than uncorking our favourite tipple these days. Despite the decline in cork stoppers, corkscrews are collectable and decorated examples become objets d'art and fetch high sums.

Silver corkscrews were produced in England, France and the Netherlands, but Dutch examples are some of the most decorative, inventive and highly collected - including this 1762 rocking horse bearing the crest for the Hamilton family by Hendrik Smook valued at £1,800 to £2,200. Smook is a known and notable name and produced many other decorative pocket corkscrews. This example would appeal to collectors of rocking horses or juvenalia.

Along with corkscrews, cocktail shakers are among the most valuable drinking collectables particularly if they date from the golden age of the Art Deco period and have strong period styling or novelty forms.