Are you a collector?

Are you a collector?

Research shows that the average British home contains £7,176 worth of collectables. With 140 hours spent every year on accumulating items like books, badges, vinyl records and coins, research by IKEA found that the nation’s passion for collecting is at an all-time high.

The Swedish retailer discovered that 71 per cent of adults call themselves collectors and dedicate time, money and energy into owning and curating multiple variations of the same thing, collections. Despite this passion, almost half of Brits hide their collections away - which is why a new exhibition has been designed to show off some of the best.

With the help of the World’s most celebrated collector, Hunter Davies (The Beatles biographer and author of Confessions of a Collector), the IKEA Collection will celebrate collections that include toy soldiers, Star Wars toys, vintage clothing, dolls house furniture and even taxidermy. It will run at the Proud Archivist, London, from January 21 - 23.

Meet three of the contributors:


Kelle Blyth, Pez (Norfolk)

Kelle started collecting the retro sweet dispensers 15 years ago when she was 14 years old and now has more than 2,000 pieces in her collection. Kelle goes to extreme lengths to source rare and unusual PEZ, importing limited edition versions from the United States, attending international conventions and frantically bidding on eBay often. The rarest items Kelle has in her collection are custom made convention pieces which are limited to under 100 pieces made by PEZ. Kelle also collects giant versions of PEZ and PEZ art. Kelle is so passionate about PEZ, that a pair topped her wedding cake.

Her collection is so large it now fills her entire garage. Kelle, who also runs the Facebook group UK PEZ Collectors, will host the first official meet up for PEZ fans in the UK in the coming year.

Hunter Davies, The Beatles memorabilia (London) [pictured above]

Hunter Davies OBE is a writer, journalist and compulsive collector. Hunter is the king of collectors and is the ultimate magpie building up twenty collections over the years from comics, coronation mugs, British prime ministerial autographs, biscuit tins, football memorabilia and most famously Beatles Memorabilia. Hunter wrote the only authorised biography of The Beatles and also authored Confessions of a Collector. Hunter believes collecting is multi-facetted noting on one level the act of collecting is simply ‘the lazy person's inability to throw anything away’; at another, it shines light into forgotten but fascinating nooks and crannies of our past. Hunter is proud to display his prized Beatles possessions, one of the most valuable Beatles collections in the world. While writing their biography, he acquired many items as gifts from the group themselves.

Jill Latter, Dolls House Furniture (Croydon)

Jill has always liked small things but she started collecting dolls house furniture and accessories almost by accident 20 years ago after stumbling across a dollhouse fair and being inspired to have a go at making the mini furniture. Finding it rather addictive, Jill grew hugely passionate about dollhouse furniture and starting making, selling and collecting. There are hundreds of items in Jill’s full collection and the majority of which is displayed in a standalone room in her home with a few special pieces scattered around her house in shadow boxes and a dollhouse.

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