Make a move in the garden this March

Make a move in the garden this March

String 'em up

It's time to stake your tall growing perennials with bamboos and string, ‘pea’ sticks or purpose made plant supports to keep them upright and sturdy. It' s also a good idea to see off the slugs and snails who like to nibble on your newly planted perennials and climbers with pesticide.

Have a compost clear-out

Give your compost heap an empty out so there's no rotten material in there and then spread it on your borders to improve the soil there. Keep adding suitable material to your heaps so that you've lots more rich compost to use in the future.

Sow the seeds for summer

Start putting in the seeds for your short lived perennials such as Gaillardia, Centranthus and Verbena bonariensis. If you're keen to grow a crop, now is also a good time to sow sweet peas ready to grow on and plant out later in the spring.

If you have a heated greenhouse, start your tomato plants now or use the heated room to plant summer hanging baskets and containers, which should be watered just every now and then.

Spuds ahoy
March is the time for planting early potatoes, particularly towards the latter end of the month, along with onion sets, shallots and garlic if your soil is good for these veg. Keep going onyour winter crops such as leeks, parsnips and brassicas from the vegetable garden too and freeze any excess you've got before the crops go too far and spoil.

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