How to tidy and furnish your garden for less

How to tidy and furnish your garden for less

Rescue a reject!

Most garden centres have a ‘casualty corner’ hidden towards the back, where you can find some inexpensive plants if you don’t mind taking a risk on a rescue project. While some may have pests or diseases, others are simply out of season, or just aren’t looking their best and with a little TLC most can be revived.

Swap shop

If you’ve got green-fingered neighbours, host a plant swap party. We’ve all got over-successful seedlings that need thinning or established plants to divide up. It’s also a great chance to share tips and know-how.

Hire, don’t buy

Save by hiring rather than buying garden equipment that you don’t use often. A shredder would cost around £15 a day to hire or £180 to buy – plus you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs.

Soil solution

Composting kitchen and garden waste will save pounds on soil improvers. Check with your local council about compost bin schemes in your area.

Get it for free

If you’ve got access to the internet, join and keep a look out for people giving away all manner of plants and tools absolutely free!
If you have a good salvage yard near you, it’s a great place to unusual supports for climbing plants. You may even find some interesting containers.