Treat your lawn to some TLC!

Treat your lawn to some TLC!

Few things in the garden respond quite so quickly and start to show the results of your efforts in such a gratifying way! Lawns need a boost at this time of year if they’re to look their best this summer, but fortunately, it doesn’t involve anything too onerous.

One key job that makes a world of difference is to treat your grass to a feed to encourage it to green-up and make thick, healthy growth. A lot of the lawn fertilisers available in garden centres also incorporate products to kill moss and weeds, so if these are a problem in your turf, you can deal with them at the same time.

They’re easy to apply by hand if your lawn is small or with a spreader if it’s a bigger area. They start to work pretty quickly and you’ll soon see a difference in growth. If you had a lot of moss or weeds, they’ll die off and turn black – the moss in particular will need raking out. Afterwards you may need to re-sow if patches have been left bare.

Mix some lawn seed with multi-purpose compost and scatter it over the area, having roughened-up the surface of the soil first. Water it in and remember that you may need to protect the seed from hungry birds until it germinates. You can also buy patch-fixing products such as Patch Magic that come ready to be simply scattered over any bare bits.

The other thing to make sure you do is mow your lawn regularly. Aim to cut little and often as this helps the grass grow strongly, and resist weed invasion. Once a week is fine, but don’t take off too much height. Most lawns should only be cut to around 3cm (1¼in) at this time of year. You can lower the mower’s blades and cut more frequently as growth really speeds up in summer.

Neat edges are the finishing touch that make any lawn look better. If they’ve got a bit shaggy, re-cut them with a sharp half-moon edger then keep them neat by regularly trimming after mowing with a pair of edging shears.

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