Charlie Dimmock's top tips for budding gardeners

Charlie Dimmock's top tips for budding gardeners

More than one in ten Brits who have a garden never spend any time tending to it, according to new research. The findings from Poundland, which coincide with the launch of its new and exclusive ‘In The Garden with Charlie Dimmock’ range, found that despite a quarter of people claiming to love spending time in their garden, one in five of us (21 per cent) don't have the time for it while nearly a quarter (23 per cent) don't know where to start and find it overwhelming.

While most of us (79 per cent) are confident enough when it comes to mowing the lawn, one in five say of us say our lack of gardening know-how is the main barrier to rolling our sleeves up in the garden.

Well over a quarter of respondents (28 per cent) will only set foot in the garden when it's warm outside. But this means they may well miss the key planting milestones in the gardening calendar. In fact, 15 per cent claim to have no clue as to the best times in the year to plant while a further 15 per cent see gardening as a chore. 

But now expert gardener and former Ground Force presenter, Charlie Dimmock, wants to call on these reluctant gardeners to discover the joys of getting out into the garden.

"I am quite surprised that so many people feel that gardening isn’t for them without giving it a try!" she says.

"Gardening doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming – making it affordable and accessible it makes gardening enjoyable and satisfying. A simple hanging basket and window box is something that everyone can achieve for minimal cost and maintenance."

Take a look at Charlie's top tips for how complete beginners to get started in the garden. They're also a handy way to encourage grandchildren to take up a love of all things outdoors:

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