4 ways to make your balcony garden bloom

4 ways to make your balcony garden bloom

Balconies are the perfect growing spaces for flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables and will give you endless pleasure for relatively modest attention. Here are four brilliant ways to make yours bloom:

1. Pick Three Colours

Balconies can easily appear cramped and messy. Stick to three plant colours (alongside a base of green) so that your balcony looks neat and well-planned. This guide from the Floristry Expert makes it easier to choose complementary colours for your balcony garden.

2. Create Zones

The limited space means you may have to buddy plants together in a single pot or row. When picking the plants you want to grow, check the growing advice for the type of soil and sun exposure (some plants love the shade and others love direct sunlight) in which they thrive, and buddy these together. Peas, sweetcorn, parsley and basil are a good example of this, as all grow together in loamy soil during the summer months.
“It’s common sense, but planting bulbs in containers according to the conditions that they love best will ensure that your balcony garden flourishes,” says Colin Campbell-Preston, Managing Director of Capital Gardens.

3. Don’t Dig Yourself into a Hole

Be realistic when you’re planning your balcony garden. If you don’t have much time to devote to it,  pick plants that will thrive with little attention. After all, this is supposed to be a fun activity to enjoy, not a chore.
If you have very limited time to dedicate to a balcony garden, why not plant dwarf sunflowers? These robust plants are incredibly simple to grow, and require minimal time or expertise.

4. Use Every Inch

Probably the most important tip of all: think beyond the floor space. Balcony gardens work best when you use every bit of space – this means hanging planters off the walls and railing too. Make the most of the space you have and see how impressive your balcony garden can be!

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