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Who's getting the best night's sleep in the UK?

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Who's getting the best night's sleep in the UK?

We're all fully familiar with regional stereotypes, from straight-talking Yorkshiremen to chipper Cardiffians. But it turns out the way each region behaves could, in fact, have a lot to do with how much shut-eye they're getting.

For research from Sleeping Duck found that more than half of the 2,000 people they studied across the UK (53 per cent) regularly wake up in a bad mood most mornings, often because of poor sleep, and firmly insist they are not ‘morning people’. Worryingly, three in ten Brits also claim they never get a good night’s sleep at all.

The study showed sleep and mood are clearly very close bed-fellows, with six in ten Brits saying a bad night’s sleep makes them have a much more negative outlook on life. Meanwhile, people in the survey who have had a great night sleep were more likely to be generous and sociable– generally offering help if it was needed or starting conversations with a fellow commuter in the morning.

And this all pans out into some rather curious regional trends.

The lucky lot in the north Wales town of Wrexham emerged as the area getting the most sleep in the country- with people there averaging more than seven hours per night. It wa also revealed to be the friendliest city in the UK where people are most likely to help others from carrying shopping bags to giving up a seat or saying hello.

At the other end of the scale, people in Coventry are the worst off when it comes to sweet dreams, managing just under six hours sleep in total. Coventry commuters also admitted to not having much patience with fellow travellers in the morning. Those in London are also by far the most likely to barge through crowds or slow walkers after not enough kip, while those in the South East are the most likely to experience a bit of road rage.

5 places getting the most sleep and their chipper characteristics

  1. Wrexham: 7 hour 4 minutes sleep. Most likely to hold a door open for someone
  2. Aberdeen: 6 hours 47 minutes. Most likely to start a conversation with someone
  3. Brighton and Hove: 6 hours 41 minutes. Happiest to greet a stranger in the street
  4. Portsmouth: 6 hours 37 minutes. Most patient with other drivers on the road
  5. Sheffield: 6 hours 35 minutes. Happiest to give up their seat for someone else

5 places getting the least sleep and their dour downsides

  1. Coventry: 5 hours 59 minutes. Suffer most at being disinterested in conversation
  2. Belfast: 6 hours 2 minutes: Least likely to give up a seat on a bus
  3. Cambridge: 6 hours 4 minutes: Least patient drivers
  4. York: 6 hours 7 minutes: Most forgetful
  5. Birmingham: 6 hours 8 minutes: Most likely to barge through crowds

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