What drives us crazy in bed?

What drives us crazy in bed?

With Britons spending more than 2,300 hours in bed in just one year, new research from TopCashback reveals what really drives us crazy in bed with a list of the UK’s biggest bedroom pet peeves.

84% of us don't allow snacks between the sheets

More than two-fifths of Brits (44 per cent) are weekly washers when it comes to making sure their bedding is clean and around half (46 per cent) say they find it gross if people change their bedding less than once a week. For 21 per cent of UK adults, bedding becomes disgusting if it is not washed after two weeks.

The study also reveals that eating in bed is strictly forbidden with the majority of Brits (84 per cent) admitting to being crumb-conscious and not allowing snacks between the sheets.

Other bedroom habits amongst Brits reveal that only just shy of a third (28 per cent) bother to iron their bedding, 32 per cent won’t get into bed without showering or bathing and three-quarters insist on making their bed every morning.

With many claiming to implement strict hygiene levels in the bedroom, things that drive Brits mad include wet towels sprawled on the bed (64 per cent) to duvets without covers (57 per cent).

Our top 10 bedroom peeves

  1. Crumbs in bed
  2. Wet towels on the bed
  3. Smelly pillows
  4. A smelly duvet
  5. Stains on the pillow
  6. Smoking in bed
  7. A duvet without a cover
  8. Stains on the duvet
  9. Dirty bedding
  10. A pillow without a pillow case.


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