What do you want to be when you grow up? Over 55s refuse to give up on dream career

What do you want to be when you grow up? Over 55s refuse to give up on dream career

It's a question we were always asked as children: What do you want to be when you grow up? And as youngsters, our answers were always ambitious and imaginative.

But it turns out when you ask the same question to retirees, a lot of us still have the same response.

New research by online learning platform, FutureLearn, found 63 per cent of 55-64s and 31 per cent of over 65s are actively chasing their career dreams, and nearly half of us are willing to either volunteer, take a course, re-train or re-locate to fulfil our career dreams.

And we’re not settling for run of the mill careers either. From a doctor to a train driver and an archaeologist to artist, the over 55s' dream jobs are showing that our imaginations are not taking a sabbatical.

The research came on the back of the discovery that 400,000 people out of the 3 million online learners of FutureLearn are aged over 55. And it's not just gardening and golf they're turning to – some of the most popular courses taken by the over 55s include Start Writing Fiction, Wellington and Waterloo and Starting a Business, proving you're never too old to pursue your career dreams.

One woman who hasn't let retirement put a stop to her career dreams is eighty-year-old Shirley, who became a journalist after taking various journalism courses through FutureLearn. She says  “I signed up to FutureLearn initially because I needed some mental activity. It can give people like me a focus, a sense of self-worth and contact with the outside world.

"It feels great learning alongside people from all across the world – I’m a world citizen  at heart and enjoy friendships with all age groups in my daily life”.

Top dream jobs for over 55s

  1. Writer
  2. Scientist
  3. Actor/Actress
  4. Historian
  5. Businessman/businesswoman/entrepreneur
  6. Footballer
  7. Archaeologist
  8. Doctor
  9. Train driver
  10. Artist
  11. Dancer/ballerina