Three ways to start your day stress-free!

Three ways to start your day stress-free!

The way you start your day will generally be how you spend the rest of it, so make sure you start it in the a positive way.

1. Manage your time

Be realistic with your early morning time management. Getting up late and running around like a headless chicken will not get your day off to the best start. If you like a morning lay-in then allocate some time before bed to ensuring that you've done everything that needs doing for the morning. Be realistic and set your alarm earlier to provide that little extra time to get out the door.

2. Have a structure

If you and your partner work, try writing down everything you both need to complete before leaving the house. If you're retired you may find you're busier than when you were working! Retirement can mean there are many demands on your time as you may be looking after grandchildren or doing volunteer work.  Try to make a note of what takes up the most of your time in the morning, and through the process of elimination remove those “things” that aren’t productive to creating a stress-free state.

3. Make time for breakfast

If you are easily distracted then you’re likely to get side tracked in the mornings and skip breakfast. It’s a well-known fact that eating a healthy breakfast is a good way to reduce stress and anxiety. Your ability to fight stress decreases when you skip breakfast. If you haven’t had proper breakfast, the body will react in a negative way in response to stress. When you are in stress, your body produces stress hormones. These hormones make the body lose various essential nutrients, such as calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. Breakfast supplies all these essential nutrients to your body and helps to cope with stress. A healthy breakfast should contain various ingredients such as whole grains, low fat proteins and fresh fruits. Click here for a host of healthy breakfast ideas.