The seret to a good mood? It could be down to your gut

The seret to a good mood? It could be down to your gut

Ever wondered why you get butterflies in your stomach when your nervous or stressed? Scientists have found that the gut has its very own nervous system and sends information to the brain, making the connection between our tummies and our mind a powerful one. Which means taking care of your gut could be one of the secrets to a happy, healthy mind.

One of the reasons for the link is to do with our immunity. We all know how grouchy we can feel when we're run down or fighting something off. But did you know that 60 per cent of our immune system is actually based in our gut? And as we get older the bacteria in our gut that helps our immune system tends to decline, meaning looking after your digestive system later in life is even more important for your wellbeing

So what can we do to look after our guts and feed our mind?

The best way to get a healthy gut is to look after your ‘good’ bacteria. These are little helpers that make sure you're digesting your food, absorbing nutrients and fighting harmful bacteria. To feed your 'good' gut bacteria, fill up on prebiotics that you'll find in asparagus, leeks, garlic, chicory root and Jerusalem artichokes. Or else look for a prebiotic supplement that can be added to food and hot drinks.

And the link works the other way too, meaning a balanced and cared for mind could lead to fewer digestive problems, like stomach aches and bloating. To keep your tum in shape try and keep a balanced, calm mind. Yoga or meditation as well as taking your full forty winks at night will help keep your mind and your stomach in order.

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