The benefits of juicing for health

The benefits of juicing for health

Juicing has been all over the place recently, promising numerous health benefits - but just how good for us is it?

Actually, in later life it could be just the ticket for helping your body absorb useful vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg - especially if, like 40 per cent of mature adults, you suffer from age-related digestive problems. These can lead to malabsorption and occasionally further health complications such as arthritis and heart disease.

Juicing is a way of boosting your nutrition, whilst removing some of the fibre which can be problematic for digestive issues. As well as ensuring that all the goodness from a huge variety of fruits and veggies are introduced into the daily diet, juicing also uses raw fruits and veggies, meaning that all the vitamins (some of which are reduced by cooking) remain intact for maximum health benefits., a leading stockist of juicers and other healthy kitchen gadgets, recommends the Omega VSJ843R Vertical Slow Juicer for mature customers who'd like to make longer lasting, super-healthy juices at home. Slow juicers are designed to keep healthy enzymes in place and delay the oxidation process, giving juices a longer shelf-life.

"Common complaints such as inflamed, achy joints, dry and wrinkled skin, low energy and gut complaints often result in more trips to the doctors or chemist, but by simply starting to juice fruits and veggies, many of these trips could be avoided," says Nick Ledger from "In fact, juicing can help to relieve certain symptoms, boost energy levels and even help with collagen production.

"Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, plus strawberries and leafy greens such as kale, are all great at boosting natural collagen levels, which can improve the look and feel of more mature skin. Broccoli is known for its bone building benefits and ginger has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Spinach, carrots and pears are great sources of fibre, which can contribute to a healthy gut. Vegetables and fruits have so many fascinating healthy properties, and slow juicing is a great way to enjoy many nutrients in one go - and the best option for juicers who want to extract the maximum yield and nutrition from the produce."

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