Stroke: know the risks

Stroke: know the risks

Did you know that stroke is the third biggest cause of death for women in the UK?

It's a shocking statistic, but one we should take notice of - because three times as many women die from a stroke than of breast cancer.

October 29 is World Stroke Day - and to raise awareness of the risks, The Stroke Association have commissioned a poll to debunk the myths about strokes once and for all. Just a quarter of the women asked knew that strokes are the second most likely cause of death worldwide.

Moreover, less than a third of those women thought they would be likely to have a stroke themselves.

But the reality is that the condition is widespread, with a number of factors increasing the likelihood of us women suffering from a stroke. One, in particular, is smoking. Another is a large hip-to-waist ratio.

Though it's not all bad news. The Stroke Association's Nikki Hill says, "simple lifestyle changes, such as keeping blood pressure under control and stopping smoking could significantly lower the risks."

And celebrities have come out in force to support the campaign. Mel Giedroyc, of Great British Bake Off fame, says: "My mum had four strokes, and it was terrifying. The more women who know what to look out for, the more lives we can save."

Eastenders' Diane Parish (pictured top), also says: "It's easy to go through life thinking a stroke could never happen to you. Supporting the Stroke Association can help thousands of women conquer stroke."

For further information, call The Stroke Helpline on 0303 303 3100 or visit


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