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Stay well this winter

HealthBauer XcelPain, Medicines
Stay well this winter

Just as we all have our own unique winter habits and past-times, it figures that each of us has a different reaction to winter.

While some of us struggle with achy joints or dry skin, others might be more susceptible to catching colds and flu.

But whatever you might worry most about come winter, your local LloydsPharmacy is standing by ready to help you through the season with their wide range of services, products and expertise.

This includes their Perfect Prescription Service which means whether it’s antibiotics or pain relief that you need, they’ll manage, dispense and deliver your prescription to your door for FREE* or you can collect it from your local pharmacy when you want , along with confidential, expert advice.

A leading and trusted expert in the heart of your community, your local LloydsPharmacy can keep you well all winter through – and beyond. 

*Only in England

Don't let flu or a cold spoil your winter.

Colds and flu are both caused by viruses, but with flu your lungs are affected to a greater extent. A cold tends to cause more nasal congestion and can be over in a few days, whereas with flu it can take you weeks to recover.

The single most effective way to protect yourself from flu is to get the flu vaccination. If you have asthma, diabetes or a long term condition you may be eligible to a FREE NHS* vaccination in your local LloydsPharmacy store and if not it’s only a small cost to stay protected this winter.

*Only in Selected Stores

Is cold weather a pain?

It’s estimated that 10 million people in the UK experience pain nearly every day. And while pain is no fun at any time of the year, it’s a fact that for many people pain can become much worse in winter. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.


During the colder months the body's reaction to the cold is to restrict circulation to minimise heat loss from the body. This can cause stiffness and increase pain, particularly after a period of inactivity, such as during the night.

This really affects people with conditions such as arthritis until they've warmed up and started moving again.

TIP: Keep active as much as possible, to try to get those joints moving and blood circulating to minimise pains and aches

TIP: Visit your local LloydsPharmacy and ask about the FREE Pain Management Service.

LloydsPharmacy offer a FREE Pain Management Service during which you'll be able to speak to a pharmacist in the privacy of a consultation room about how pain is affecting your daily life. The Pharmacist will then be able to offer expert advice on lifestyle changes and help you find a solution that is right for you.

Be asthma aware

Of the 5.4 million people who have asthma in the UK, many of them find their symptoms are worse during the winter months due to cold air entering the airways and triggering them to spasm causing asthma symptoms; coughing wheezing shortness of reath and tightness in the chest. But keeping well wrapped up in warm clothes, including a scarf, could help you breathe more easily.

Check your technique here.

TIP: If you know your asthma flares up in the wintertime, take one or two puffs of your inhaler before you step out the door. And always have your reliever inhaler at hand when you’re out and about.

TIP: 70% of people do not use their inhaler correctly - so check your technique at your local LloydsPharmacy to make sure you’re getting the most out of your inhaler and any preventer medicines prescribed – it could make all the difference.