Over 70? Be Clear on Cancer and know what to look for

Over 70? Be Clear on Cancer and know what to look for

This week we're urging ladies over 70 to brush up on their breast cancer knowledge: it turns out that fewer than half the women asked in that age bracket could name any symptom other than a lump.

Research also shows that despite being at an increased risk of breast cancer, with one in three ladies diagnosed at the age of 70-plus, older women are less likely to visit their GP with any breast cancer concerns or symptoms. When early diagnosis is crucial for treatment to be successful, the experts say we mustn't assume we're past being at risk - so get a doctor to take a look if you've even the slightest inkling that something's changed.

Diana Moran publicly supports the campaign, saying how important it is to get checked out as soon as possible. "I know first-hand the effects that breast cancer can have," she says. "Get to know your breasts and recognise any changes. The older you get, the more important it is to be aware of your body."

'We're not just talking about a lump - symptoms of breast cancer could also be changes to your breast shape, size, skin or nipple.'

Tennis wonder Virginia Wade has just turned 70 and also wants to raise awareness. "These statistics speak for themselves," she says. "This campaign is really relevant to women like us. Family and friends: please do encourage loved ones to seek medical help if they say they have symptoms or noticed any changes."

For further infromation visit www.nhs.uk/breastcancer70

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