On your bike! Cycling tips for 50+ riders

On your bike! Cycling tips for 50+ riders

1.   Nutrition

Iron is vital in delivering oxygen to your muscles and making sure you have the required stamina exercises for cycling so make sure you are including iron rich foods in your diet such as beef, nuts and dark leafy greens like spinach. Or alternatively, there are plenty of iron supplements readily available on the high street that will help combat fatigue while on your bike.

2.    Balance

Our nerve conduction slows down as we age, which can lead to deteriorating balance and slower reflexes. Pilates and yoga can help hugely in terms of your balance and neural system, so try one class a week to increase your balance and get you riding well on your bike.

3.    Gears

It can be tempting to use ‘harder’ gears so you’re not putting as much strain on your cardiovascular system, but this can actually have an adverse effect by putting more strain on your ligaments and especially your knees. You should be able to choose a gear that feels natural to you meaning breathing is steady and you can hold a pedalling rhythm. Change gear according to the terrain to maintain that consistent rhythm. 

4.    Groups

Cycling with others can help keep you motivated. If this sounds like you, there are plenty of ‘over 50’ cycling groups in the country where you can take part in courses, rides and even cycling holidays, both in the UK and abroad. Visit britishcycling.org.uk/clubfinder to find a club near you.

5.     Don’t be afraid

Cycling can seem like an intimidating sport when you are just beginning.  Evans Cycles runs a series of women’s evenings, ‘One for the Girls’. Talks will range from an introduction to fitness and training, nutritional advice and guidance from an expert local coach or rider. To find an evening near to you click here


Tips from Chris Snook, PR Manager at Evans Cycles