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Long-lasting joint pain relief

HealthBauer XcelPain
Long-lasting joint pain relief

After rigorous testing by our reader panel we awarded Pernaton Gel our Yours Recommends seal of approval in 2012. Recently we got back in touch with our testers to find out if they are still using Pernaton and if they’d still recommend it to their friends and fellow readers.  

Once again the results were overwhelming. In our initial survey a huge 91 per cent of our panel felt that Pernaton had helped to ease the discomfort in their joints, with 34 per cent noticing a big difference. Two years later and the vast majority of our panel wrote back to us telling us that they’re still seeing great results.

Pernaton Gel is a natural joint gel that contains Green Lipped Mussel Extract, which is a great source of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) a naturally occurring Glucosamine. In healthy joints, glucosamine occurs naturally and is used to repair cartilage – the slippery material that cushions the end of your bones. If the cartilage in your joints has worn away they could become painful, stiff and swollen. Rubbing on a joint gel that contains glucosamine could help to maintain the health of your cartilage over time.

Joint gels can be applied directly to your aching joints. They work by delivering painkilling ingredients directly through your skin to the affected area – so they may work faster than supplements, which you often need to take for three months before you see a benefit. And, because you apply the gel directly to your joints there are fewer side effects because your body doesn’t have to deal with any medication.

Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can offer some relief from joint pain, and for eight million people in the UK they’re a daily must have. But taking painkillers every day can cause side effects and some research has suggested that high doses could increase your risk of other health problems such as heart disease and stroke. 

Looking for an alternative treatment can be difficult. There are many supplements and topical gels that claim to ease joint pain, but how do you know if they actually work? You could spend a fortune before you find the right one for you.

“Prior to using Pernaton I had tried all the usual remedies - ibuprofen gel, other topical treatments and ibuprofen tablets. They all gave mild relief but I needed something more,” says Debbie Stanley, 54. “Pernaton is much more effective, and because it is natural I can use it as often as I need to. I have arthritis in my knee and I suffer from stiff fingers because I type a lot at work. Pernaton really helps. My husband Mark uses it now too because he gets a lot of back ache from his physical job – we wouldn’t be without it – it works so quickly.”

Marilyn Brewster, 63, agrees: “My husband David and I use Pernaton most days. It’s great for my stiff knees and shoulders. Within 10 minutes the pain is gone – it gives me much more mobility.”

Unlike conventional over-the-counter joint gels, Pernaton, which is made from all natural ingredients, can be used alongside any prescription pain-killers you might be taking. Our testers liked the fact it could be a top up treatment and felt it provided instant relief that helped while the painkillers were “kicking in”. Pernaton gel uses menthol, pine needle oil and other essential oils, which could help to increase circulation to your joints and relax aching, stiff muscles.

“My knee was damaged in a car accident years ago and in cold, damp weather the pain starts to hammer at my joint,” says Colin Richardson, 50. “Pernaton gel has made a vast improvement to how much pain I have to suffer through. I would highly recommend this product to anybody with stiff or aching joints. It’s very easy to apply and sinks in quickly without any stickiness. I love the cool feeling that I get when I first apply it and the warmth afterwards is very soothing. I also like the fact that it doesn’t smell too over powering, unlike a lot of other joint gels and muscle rubs.” 

Our testers still overwhelmingly agreed that Pernaton could help to ease joint pain with 88 per cent of them saying they’d recommend it to a friend and 83 per cent of them saying they’d buy it again. “I’ve been using Pernaton for the past two years and I know that if I have that nagging arthritis ache it will take it away,” says Margaret Jennings, 66. “I’d tried glucosamine tablets before but I didn’t get the results I get with Pernaton. I get a lot of pain in my fingers and hands and the gel makes such a difference to me.”

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