How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

Set a manageable goal

A lot of people tend to have an all or nothing approach to their New Year’s resolutions. All too often people jump straight in at the deep end, crash dieting, exhausting themselves at the gym and expecting immediate results. Ultimately, this approach will set you up to fail and leave you feeling unmotivated and back where you began. For success, build up gradually to what you want to achieve. For instance, start with 30 minutes exercise per day, building up to 40 minutes until you eventually increase to a full hour. Most importantly, always remember it takes approximately four weeks for you to notice changes to your body, your partner about eight weeks to notice and twelve for the outside world, so stick at it!

Plan in advance

'Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail' – this statement is very true. The best way to make a training or fitness goal stick in the New Year, is to really try to make it part of your lifestyle. This approach will ensure whatever your goal, it becomes an integral part of what you do, rather than something additional that you’re trying to squeeze in around everything else. If it’s your resolution to go for a jog in the morning, pack your kit the night before, and be realistic - there is no point saying you’ll go to the gym every day when you know that it is unlikely to happen. Also, think seriously about planning your meals, whether its lunches at work or food shopping in advance, to help you avoid making poor choices and last minute panic buys when you’re hungry.

Enjoy the occasional treat

It is so important to reward yourself on the way to achieving your goals, as well as once you achieve them. This will help you stick to the resolution without having to wait until you achieve your ultimate goal. Regular rewards can also help you to stay on track and prevent a ‘blow out’ which may see you abandon your goal altogether.

Think what you’ll gain

Without realising, most of us tend to set goals in the negative. To stand the greatest chance of succeeding, you need to think about the benefits and focus on those. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, focus on the benefits of weight loss: you will be healthier, and you will feel and look better. It is really important to give your brain something positive to focus on, rather than suggesting you need to lose something.

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