How to steer clear of Christmas Day heartburn

How to steer clear of Christmas Day heartburn

We all that know that post-Christmas lunch feeling. You've eaten guzzlings of turkey and lashings of Christmas pud (and let's not forget the Quality Street tin we may have raided while dinner was cooking) and you're now feeling pretty yucky.

And we're not alone. In new research, Gaviscon found three in five of us gobble down our Christmas dinner and don’t take the time to savour our food, and in the rush to clear plates piled high, it’s unsurprising a quarter of us ended up feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, one third of us wish we hadn’t eaten so much as it potentially gets in the way of enjoying our Christmas with family and friends.
But while we do this pretty much every year, you can make a difference this Christmas 2015 without sacrificing your traditional lunch. Here's some top tips to keep the indigestion at bay this fetsive time:

  • Turkeys may gobble, but we don’t have to! Slow down and savour every mouthful of your festive feast
  • Head out for a stroll – it will help you digest your Xmas dinner AND avoid the washing up!
  • Mulled wine, mince pies, chocolates and sweets? Christmas treats are best enjoyed spaced throughout the day. If you can, ask someone else to take charge of them or place nibbles in different rooms so you physiclaly have to get up to reach them
  • Get your stretchy pants ready to give you room to conquer your turkey feast!
  • Rushing around ticking every item off your Christmas list? Remember to set aside enough time to relax and de-stress. A bath on Christmas Eve or listening to some festive yet soothing choral music while you make the lunch could help
  • Time for Xmas pudding? Swap brandy butter with low fat yogurt for a healthy tasty alternative
  • If you do end up suffering from symptoms of heartburn and indigestion over the holiday season, take some over the counter indigestion busting medication. Something like Gaviscon Double Action can help

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