How to stay young

How to stay young

If you've ever wondered how to stay young for longer, it could be as simple as behaving like a teen again. A survey of 2,000 people aged 60+ by McCarthy and Stone has resulted in a list of 50 ways to remain young at heart. How many of them do you already do, or would you consider?

  1. Laugh a lot, and at yourself
  2. Never believe you are ‘too old’ to do anything
  3. Always look on the bright side of life
  4. Exercise every day, even if it’s just walking
  5. Make sure you get fresh air everyday
  6. Refuse to cut out things you enjoy such as butter, alcohol, chocolate
  7. Avoid spending time with people who are unhappy or who grumble
  8. Always have eight hours' sleep a night
  9. Make an effort to socialise regularly
  10. Be spontaneous
  11. Spend lots of time with the grandchildren
  12. Stay up until 11pm
  13. Keep up with the latest technology
  14. Use Facebook
  15. Travel regularly around the world
  16. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good
  17. Take the time to look beautiful / well turned out
  18. Work / socialise with younger people
  19. Keep up with the latest TV shows
  20. Drink two glasses of wine a day
  21. Wear brightly coloured garments
  22. Invest in your first ‘smart phone’
  23. Have lots of sex
  24. Daily gossips with a best friend
  25. Listen to new music in the charts
  26. Browse in high street shops like Topshop and New Look
  27. Flirt with strangers
  28. Drink green tea
  29. Invest money in pretty things
  30. Monitor the number of steps you do in a day
  31. Use Twitter
  32. Watch reality television
  33. Take up yoga or Pilates
  34. Listen to Radio One
  35. Read erotic literature
  36. Regularly attend gigs
  37. Try new alcoholic drinks
  38. Go to parties
  39. Buy an exercise bike
  40. Drive with the sunroof open
  41. Sprinkle goji berries, nuts or seeds on morning muesli
  42. Have a celebrity crush
  43. Use text speak or phrases like ‘lol’
  44. Wear amazing shoes
  45. Buy a flash sports car
  46. Upload photos of your young self on social media
  47. Dye your hair a wacky colour
  48. Get a tattoo
  49. Play football with friends of a similar age
  50. Pose for the camera when no-one is around

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