How to find relief from hay fever in your home

How to find relief from hay fever in your home

Removing pollen from your house could offer easy hay fever relief. Yvonne Manomano, Cleaning Operations Manager at Handy, offers these tips.

Leave the pollen outside

While it is difficult to avoid pollen altogether, especially when you are outside, your home can provide some refuge. However, you need to make sure that you aren’t carrying the pollen home with you – leaving your shoes at the door and changing your clothes as soon as you get inside will help you alleviate some of the symptoms and prevent the pollen from sticking to your furnishings.

Know when to open your windows

Most flowers and trees will pollinate at specific times, normally, between 5 am and 9 am. It is advisable to keep your windows closed at this time and the ventilation and air conditioning on. Try letting fresh air into your house towards the evening, especially around sunset, as there shouldn’t be as much pollen circulating in the air at those times.

Look after your pillows for hay fever relief

Pollen tends to really stick to hair, especially if it is long. Try washing, or at least rinsing your hair with some water before you go to bed, as pillowcases will collect the excess pollen from your hair and irritate your sleep. During the height of the hay fever season, aim to change your pillowcases twice a week and avoid from drying them outside.

Dust properly to help with hay fever

While dusting is a great way to get rid of pollen floating around the home, make sure that you are doing it properly. Always use a damp cloth, so that the particles can stick to the cloth, as opposed to just be lifted only to settle down again. I would also suggest wearing a dust mask when you are dusting and vacuuming, to minimise your exposure to the allergens. It is also a good idea to empty your vacuum cleaner outdoors to prevent any of the dust and pollen from escaping in the home.

Take care of the lawn

Mowing your lawn regularly and attentively will also help to decrease the hay fever symptoms, especially if you cut the grass to two inches or shorter, as it won’t have the chance to pollinate. This is a great tip if you like to have your patio doors open. Lastly, if you are mowing the lawn yourself, make sure to wear a mask to protect you from the worst of the pollen.

Watch your pets

Pollen tends to stick to fur, which means that as soon as your furry friends come in from being outside, they will inevitably carry pollen. Before you let them in, make sure to brush down their fur and make sure to be extra vigilant when vacuuming.


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