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How to be confident

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How to be confident

Learn how to be confident in an instant with these easy tips

Get moving

Sometimes when we feel anxious it’s easy to become paralysed by negative thoughts and indecisiveness. The solution is just to get up and get going. Go for a walk, crack on with some housework or take a shower – whatever helps take your mind off your worries.

Put on your perfume

Strangely, studies have shown that wearing perfume/aftershave can make both men and women feel more confident. An excellent excuse for treating yourself to a new bottle.

Get nodding

Nodding your head up and down has been shown in studies to improve confidence in thoughts.

Perfect your posture

Straightening up, even when sitting down, can give you a boost of confidence as well as making you appear slimmer and more authoritative.

Stand proud

If you’ve already tried the ‘Wonder Woman’ pose (hands on hips, raised chin, chest out) give this pose a go: spend two minutes somewhere private with your hands up in the air in a ‘v’ shape. You’ll feel invincible afterwards.

Grab your lucky charm

While you might feel a little bit silly clinging to your lucky keyring or bracelet now that you’re an adult, it turns out that these sentimental items can lead to improved performance, because they make you feel more confident and less anxious.

Learn an instrument

If you constantly feel filled with self-doubt, learning an instrument could help. A study has found that learning piano leads to greater self-esteem, as well as sharpening the mind.

Keep a record

Write down your successes, however small, and refer back to them when you need a lift. You could also log compliments you’ve received.


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