How music can help soothe tummy problems

How music can help soothe tummy problems

If you often have a dicky tummy or problems with digestion, you probably already know to watch what you eat. But did you know that watching what you hear could also make a difference to how you feel?

As part of  Gut Week 2016 this week, Love Your Gut has come up with ‘The Digestive Track’ - a music track made up of sounds that people with poor digestive health felt could reduce their anxiety or soothe their symptoms. The track is available now and can be downloaded from the Love Your Gut website.

That's because Love Your Gut studies have found that the environment around us plays a huge part in how we feel. They've also found the top five sounds that are least stressful and best for feeling great inside, as well as the worst sounds to avoid.

These came from studies with more than 100 people at Goldsmiths University where participanrs listened to 16 sounds and said which made them feel most and least stressed.

Top 5 sounds

  1. Ocean waves
  2. Birds singing
  3. Football commentary
  4. Doctor's surgery
  5. Children playing

And the sounds to avoid:

  1. Chewing
  2. Cutlery clinking
  3. Typing on a keyboard
  4. Clinking glasses
  5. Restaurant chatter

And the reason for this? Patrick Fagan who ran the study at Goldsmiths said “It’s understandable that people with gastric or gut health issues experience more anxiety towards food related sounds such as chewing or restaurant chatter; however it was also interesting to see that friends laughing, a fun environment for most people was a source of discomfort for some sufferers – though it didn’t make it into the top five.

"This is possibly due to an embarrassment factor, which is taken away when you’re in the comfort of your home or garden – hence sounds such as football commentary and birds singing proving less stressful.”

'The Digestive Track' produced especially for Gut Week by musician and producer Rick Tipton, combines samples of the sounds sufferers found least stressful including birds singing, children playing, football commentary and ocean waves and avoid those sounds considered most stressful.