Help dementia research by playing a two-minute game

Help dementia research by playing a two-minute game

You could help us get one step closer to fighting dementia, with just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Telecomms company, Deutsche Telekom, has today launched a new mobile game, Sea Hero Quest, specifically designed to help move on our understanding of the brain's spatial navigation so that experts can get nearer to fighting the growing threat of dementia, which today affects 850,000 people in the UK.

One person playing Sea Hero Quest for two minutes gathers as much useful data as 300 minutes (or five hours) of traditional research, making it a really powerful weapon in the fight against dementia – and one we can all get involved in.

Every aspect of Sea Hero Quest has been designed jointly by game developers and scientists to provide insights about the way our brain navigates on everyday tasks. As players make their way through mazes of islands and icebergs, every second of gameplay can be translated into scientific data by experts exploring this area of our brains.

It's a big, innovative leap towards conquering dementia, which is expected to affect 135 million people worldwide by 2050. It is estimated that for every child born this year, one in three will develop dementia during their lifetime and yet there is very little in the way of effective treatments licensed and available for dementia.

That's why improving our ability to detect the earliest signs of the disease will play a key role in one day finding the right drugs to beat this disease.

  • Sea Hero Quest is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded now for free from the App Store and Google Play.
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