Healthy eating resolutions for the New Year

Healthy eating resolutions for the New Year
  • Always write a shopping list: Make sure you stick to your shopping list, so that you get exactly what you need. Avoid the temptations of chocolate and other junk foods and eat before you shop! 
  • Reorganise your kitchen: Get rid of everything that reminds you of unhealthy eating – cleanse your cupboards of those leftover Christmas goodies and put the biscuit tin out of sight.
  • Replace bad habits with healthier ones: If you enjoy a mid-morning snack continue to have one, but choose a healthier option. For example, you could have a low-fat yogurt or a small handful of dried fruit and nuts instead of biscuits.
  • Find a diet buddy: People who have a friend helping them achieve their goals are much more successful than those who go it alone. Get together with a friend for healthy lunches or join a walking group together. The combination of fresh air and exercise wil raise your spirits, too.
  • Switch to low fat: Low-fat dairy foods contain just as much goodness as full-fat versions, just less fat and fewer calories. Always choose skimmed (or semi-skimmed) milk, plus low-fat spreads, yogurts and cheeses.
  • Ban the fry: Swear off all fried foods for the next couple of months. Bake, grill or boil. If you do fancy a fish and chips dinner, why not try a healthier option such as oven chips with a grilled fish fillet?
  • Don’t skip meals: Leaving long gaps between meals can interfere with your weight loss. You may suffer from blood sugar dips and a sluggish metabolism. Skipping meals will also cause you to behave like a starving bear when you finally do get your hands on something to eat!
  • Reward yourself: Next time you fancy a chocolate bar, promise to do something nice for yourself if you resist the temptation. Make your reward something non-food related like watching a favourite film or buying the latest issue of Yours magazine!

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