Go back to your childhood with retro exercise equipment!

Go back to your childhood with retro exercise equipment!

Exercise equipment doesn't need to be boring weights and resistance bands. Go back to the fun of the playground with hula hoops, roller skates and more!

Hula hoops are a great way to whittle your waist - not to mention great fun. This one is weighted to make it easier, so if you never managed to keep a hoop up as a child, you might have more luck. Plus it features a timer to track your progress. Weighted Davina hula hoop, £21.99, Argos 

 If you're feeling bold, why not take to the park on your very own roller skates? These fun boots come in sizes 3-8 and are sure to impress your grandchildren! Plus you'll be having such a giggle you won't notice what a good work out you'll be getting. No Fear Retro Quad Skates, £39.99 (originally £79.99), from Sports Direct

Bouncing on a mini trampoline is a great low-impact way to burn some serious calories without hurting your joints. It's also great for boosting your circulation. Body Sculpture trampoline, £34.99, Very

Do you still remember the skipping rhymes you chanted at school? Refresh your mind and work up a sweat with this clever skipping rope that will count your skips as you go (requires batteries). Davina Skipping Rope with Counter, £8.99, Argos

It's the gift any child of the 70s wanted to find at the foot of their bed come Christmas, and the Space Hopper is still going strong! Bounce your way to better health with this adult version. Space Hopper, 66cm, £15.32 (other colours available), www.space-hoppers.co.uk


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