Free Boots hearing check

We get our eyes and teeth checked regularly – but how many of us forget about our ears? They’re just as important. Imagine missing out on the sounds of giggling grandchildren, chatter with friends or the early morning call of bird song. Everyday sounds can be amazing and add to the enjoyment of life – so when we start to notice changes in our hearing it can be frustrating and upsetting- but it needn’t be.

If you, a friend or a member of your family have noticed changes in your hearing, are finding conversations more difficult, or need to turn the TV up that bit higher nowadays, you’re not alone. One in six people in the UK currently has some form of hearing loss, but because it happens so gradually, we don’t always notice the signs. The good news is that at Boots it’s simple to do something about it.

Free hearing check

A free 15-minute check is all it takes to find out how well you’re hearing. We’ll check the health of your ears, test your hearing and talk through any concerns you may have. And if we think we could help you hear better we’ll offer professional, personalised advice on what you should do next.  

So, if you’ve noticed a change in your hearing recently, there’s never been a better time to check it out. To book your free hearing check just call 0345 202 7033 or book online at

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