Five tips for healthy hearing

Five tips for healthy hearing
  1. Check it out
    If you notice sounds are appearing muffled or not quite how they used to, this may be due to a build-up of wax.  A hearing check can quickly reveal if wax is the cause and if it is, your pharmacist or GP will be able to offer treatment as appropriate.

    Tip: You should book a hearing check every two years to help stay on top of your hearing and to help make sure any problems are identified as early as possible.

  2. Ban the buds
    Keep cotton buds away from ears – your ear canal is tiny and it is easy to perforate your ear drum with a bud so you may want to try a cleaning spray instead.
  3. Ear plugs
    If you’re heading to a concert or somewhere that is likely to play loud music, you may want to take a pair of earplugs with you to limit any potential long term impact on your ears. Music, particularly at concerts, is usually played out at around 100 decibels (anything over 85 decibels has the potential to affect hearing). A pair of ear plugs will help to keep your ears protected, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the music!
  4. Turn down the volume
    Reduce the volume and/or time spent listening to personal music systems via headphones.
  5. Swimmers listen up
    Extended time in the water can increase the likeliness of an ear infection, so if you are a keen swimmer make sure you dry your ears thoroughly after your swim, or ask your pharmacist about drops that can help keep infection at bay.

Until 9 September, Boots hearingcare are offering a free 15-minute hearing check as part of the Great Big Hearing Check initiative.
To book a free hearing check, visit, where you can also find your nearest store, or call 0333 920 6469.

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