HealthBauer XcelPain

Easy affordable pain relief

HealthBauer XcelPain
Easy affordable pain relief

Don't let pain stop you living your life - try one of Tensor's low-cost, no fuss pain relief solutions.

The Ultrasonic Pain Relief Massager gives you drug-free pain relief from muscle tendon and joint injuries in the comfort of your own home. This lightweight and easy-to-use handheld unit emits sound waves at 1,000,000 vibrations a second, to soothe aching muscles and aid the healing process of acute and chronic injuries. It has low and high settings so you can target your pain with the right attention. The Ultrasonic Pain Relief Massager can also be used to reduce excess fatty tissue and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

You can choose for your sessions to last five, 10 or 15 minutes. It charges using AC/DC adaptor which is included.
To buy the Ultrasonic Pain Relief Massager, phone 0844 209 8900

Better circulation has lots of health benefits and you can enjoy those benefits if you wear Tensor’s Leg Ease compression. With an extra-long fit, the new Leg Ease support sleeves have been specially designed to provide total leg support.

They’re perfect for:
-    Long car journeys by car, train or plane
-    Standing for long periods
-    Pregnant women
-    Post-surgery or injury swelling
-    Helping to prevent DVT
-    Sports recovery

Stay comfortable all day thanks to the non-binding, breathable, lightweight material that helps regulate temperature. They’re easy to take care of, too as the silky soft material is machine washable. The footless design also makes them easy to put on and take off, and they are ideal to wear with open-toe shoes. 

They’re available in ladies' and gents' sizes and fit all leg shapes and sizes.
To buy the Leg Ease compression leggings, phone 0844 209 8900

Slip on these ultra-lightweight fingerless gloves and treat your hurting hands to healing therapeutic warmth. Instantly easing pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Miracle 4-way stretch with controlled compression ‘massages’ away pain as you go about your daily tasks and eases stiffness while helping increase circulation. These fantastic, washable therapy gloves are made of breathable nylon/spandex blend.
Available in ladies' and gents' sizes.

To buy the anti-arthritis gloves, phone 0844 209 8900