Does your home need a 'healthover'?

Does your home need a 'healthover'?

Whether you love it or hate it, cleaning is a fact of life – and no matter how much you loathe scrubbing up in those marigolds, it's likely that you loathe bacteria and germs even more. So this spring, give your home a ‘healthover’ and clean up these top spots for lurking germs so that you can keep those nasties at bay. 

1. Kitchen surfaces
It's where we prepare all our meals and yet research says nine out of ten of our kitchen surfaces are contaminated with bacteria such as E.Coli.

The best way to bamish the bacteria is to get out the Dettol (ideally the Power & Pure Advance spray) and give your surfaces a wipe down with this. A quick once over will kill up to 99 per cent of your bacteria.

2. Chopping boards

Squeamish statistic coming your way- your trusty chopping board could harbour 200 per cent more bacteria than the average toilet seat! It's an alarming thought but you don't have to chuck yours in the bin just yet. Just wipe down your board with anti-bacterial wipes every time you use it and the germs will be gone!

3. Kitchen cloths

Still using that same old grubby cloth you've been using for ages to do your dishes and wipe down your worktop? Dont'! Recent tests by The Hygiene Council found 100 per cent of kitchen cloths failed microbiological tests, and out of all the stuff in our home, they were ranked as the very dirtiest.

The best solution is to replace your old cloths regularly and wash them at a high temperature.

4. Laundry

Washing laundry at low temperatures may save on your bills but creates a real playground for bacteria as it survives and transfers from garment to garment in the machine. In fact as many as one million bacteria can live in just two tablespoons of water.

So aim to wash your clothes at higher temperatures, or use an anti-bacterial laundry cleander in your cycle which can kill 99 per cent of bacteria even at 15 degrees.

5. The shower

The wet and warm conditions in our shower might be lovely for us, but sadly germs rather enjoy this too, making our shower a breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria.

To keep your bathroom bacteria-free, keep it well ventilated and wipe down the walls of your shower with Dettol spray and wipes. Remove and thoroughly clean your shower curtain regularly too.

6. The mattress

It's the place where you spend several hours a day, yet mattresses can quickly become the resting place to dust mites, bacteria, pollen and other nasties too. To make sure you keep your bed to yourself, vacuum your mattress and change your sheets weekly.

7. The highchair

Children are three times more likely than adults to get ill with the flu, and areas where children eat have been found to have worse levels of bacteria than toilet handles. To keep your grandchildren away from germs, use an anti-bacterial wipe on surfaces where your little ones eat before every meal. 

8. The carpet

Although you can't always see it, carpets can quickly build up allergens and dirt, including pet hair and all sorts of stuff from the bottom of your shoes.

The solution is to vac your carpets often and use a disinfectatnt trigger spray on them to kill bacteria and viruses, especially if you have pets.

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