Boots offers £12.99 Winter Wellness pack

Boots offers £12.99 Winter Wellness pack

This winter, Boots is offering a three-stage Winter Wellness pack to help keep you healthy over the colder months.

The pack, priced at £12.99 - a good deal as the Boots flu jab service was previously priced at £12.99 on its own - is available from Boots pharmacies and, and includes:

  1. Boots Pharmaceuticals Cold Defence nasal spray - an anti-viral nasal spray to help deal with the effects of a cold and prevent further infection. Suitable for those aged one or over and those currently pregnant or breastfeeding).
  2. Boots Vitamin C Tablets 30 pack (200mg) - to ensure you're getting your recommended daily dose of the all important vitamin for a strong immune system. Suitable for those aged 12 and over.
  3. Boots winter flu jab service - available at 1,200 stores across the UK. Subject to eligibility, criteria and availability.

Deepa Songara, Boots flu pharmacist says it's important to take early steps in the season to help keep you well: "Despite what we often think, it's not the drop in temperature that causes common colds and an increase of flu during winter. We spend less time outside and much longer closer together at home or in indoor places.  This 'togetherness' makes it easier to pass germs from one person to another so it’s important to think ahead and try to protect yourself before the cold and flu season really kicks in."

Flu jab savers

  • For those just wanting a flu jab, Asda is offering vaccines without a prescription at in-store pharmacies for just £7. You can use the service if you are aged 16 and over and in good health. Simply pop in to an Asda pharmacy while you're doing your weekly shop as appointments aren't always necessary. Find your nearest Asda Pharmacy here.
  • Remember, the flu vaccine is given free on the NHS to adults over the age of 18 at risk of flu - including everyone over 65. More information here.
  • Read our top tips to fighting flu.

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