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Beat joint pain – without painkillers

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Beat joint pain – without painkillers

Stiff aching joints can come hand in hand with getting older. There are 10 million people in the UK with arthritis and if you’re one of them you may well be taking painkillers to make your life a bit more comfortable. In fact up to eight million people in the UK take painkillers on a daily basis. But with newspaper headlines claiming that regularly taking high doses of pain-relieving rugs could increase your risk of other health problems such as heart disease or stroke you may well be looking for an alternative.

Various herbal remedies and nutritional supplements have been found to help ease joint pain – but what if you’d rather not swallow yet another pill? We asked a panel of Yours readers to test a topical joint pain gel. Joint gels can be applied directly to your aching joints. They work by delivering painkilling ingredients directly through your skin to the affected area – so they may work faster than supplements, which you often need to take for three months before you see a benefit. And, because you apply the gel directly to your joints there are fewer side effects because your body doesn’t have to deal with any medication.

What our readers tested

Pernaton Gel is a natural product that contains Green Lipped Mussel Extract – a great source of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), a naturally occurring Glucosamine. If the cartilage in your joints has worn away your joints could become painful, stiff and swollen. Rubbing on a joint gel that contains glucosamine could help to maintain the health of your cartilage over time. Pernaton Gel also uses menthol, pine needle oil and other essential oils, which could help bring more immediate relief by increasing circulation to your joints and helping to relax aching, stiff muscles. But does it work?

The results

We asked 100 Yours readersto test Pernaton Gel for a month and then tell us what they thought. A huge 91 per cent of our panel felt that Pernaton Gel had helped to ease the discomfort in their joints, with 34 per cent noticing a big difference. Many conventional over-the- counter joint gels contain ibuprofen, or other pain medication, which means they can’t be used alongside any prescription painkillers that you might be taking. Pernaton Gel is made from natural ingredients (although it may not be suitable for people with an allergy to shellfish) and is safe to use on top of your usual painkillers for added relief – something that went down well with our testers. Many found that the gel had an instant cooling effect to ease inflammation and then a gentle warmth, which helped with the stiffness of their joints. 

Many experts recommend taking regular exercise to ease joint pain. It’s a great idea because strengthening the muscles around your joints helps to support them, and exercise also helps to improve your circulation to keep your joints healthy. But in reality many people with joint pain struggle to exercise because they’re in too much pain. Our testers overwhelmingly agreed that Pernaton Gel could help to ease joint pain with 88 per cent of them saying they’d recommend it to a friend and 83 per cent of them saying they’d buy it again.

“I’ll definitely be buying Pernaton again,” says Janet Scammell (67). “I have severe arthritis, particularly in my left knee. I was struggling to walk and the pain was regularly waking me in the night. I’m sleeping so much better since using Pernaton and I’m walking more comfortably too, it’s made a huge difference to me.”

“I have fibromyalgia and during cold weather I feel like the cold has soaked into my bones leaving me with extreme joint pain,” says . “I don’t like taking anti-inflammatories so I search for alternative ways to ease my pain. I used Pernaton Gel on my knees and ankles – it was easy to apply, felt really soothing and, best of all, it actually helped ease my pain.”

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