Be happy everyday!

1. Be with loved ones

Happiness is more closely related to relationships rather than money. So make sure you spend more time with people rather than shopping.

2. Enjoy the little things

Write a list of 10 things you appreciate but take for granted. The chances are that your health and ‘people’ will feature very heavily on your list. Human nature means we tend not to appreciate things until they’re gone, so be grateful for what you already have!

3. Be positive

In relationships, make sure you are positive in what you say and do. There’s a basic rule that says relationships need a minimum of 3 positives to every negative. If your ratio falls below 3:1 it will struggle.

4. Pass happiness on

Understand that children, and grandchildren will not always do what you say (no surprise there?). But they will do what you do! Your habits and behaviours are contagious, so be careful what you’re passing on.

5. Be the best you , you can be

The likelihood is that you have a ‘to do’ list. This is probably a long tick list of things you need to achieve by the end of today. And your ‘to do’ list will shape today’s activities. Create a mental ‘to be’ list. This is much more important because it shapes who you are being while you go about your activities. Ask yourself what version of ‘you’ are you being today? Bland, slightly negative and low energy - or full-colour, positive and bursting with life?

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