Ask our feel younger expert: How to get rid of your bra bulge

Ask our feel younger expert: How to get rid of your bra bulge

Julie says: Sadly spot reducing is pretty much impossible so you need to do some cardio work such as brisk walking or swimming to get rid of body fat. Build up the intensity gradually so you feel warm, begin to sweat and breathe a little harder. Then try these toning exercises.

Sit with a resistance band under both feet holding the band in each hand at knee level. Turn your hands so palms face downwards then slowly drawn your hands up towards your armpits. Your elbows bend our at your sides in an ‘L’ shape. Then slowly return your hands back down to the starting position. Start with five slow repetitions, remembering to breathe normally. Gradually build up to doing 10 and ultimately 3 sets of 10 as you improve. If you don’t have a band you can do this with hand weights or bottles of water.

Hold a small dumbbell (0.5kg) or bottle of water out in front at waist height then slowly pass it to the other hand behind your back. Go really slowly and feel your shoulder blades squeezing inwards as you pass the weight behind you. This is great for posture too! Try to build up to doing 5 in each direction.

Standing press-ups are great too, go to my and see the Why Exercise? section for a step by step guide to doing these and other exercises correctly.

Julie Robinson is a specialist fitness instructor with a range of DVDs available at 0800 612 0450
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