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A poem about Alzheimer's

HealthBauer XcelDementia
A poem about Alzheimer's

A poem by Valerie Wynne

Dedicated to her husband Ray

"I write this poem just because I do not understand

Why you should be chosen from all the people in the land

Chosen to have this illness that can last for years and years

Knowing it brings less lauhter and makes a few more tears.

I know you have some memories of years so long ago

But minutes are forgotton as your frowns they tell me so

We keep mislaying lots of things and you say it's never you

Your moods are ever changing but your homour still shines through.

Something together we joke and laugh

And you hand becomes 'a book'

Where you 'write down' my mishaps

Perhaps one day i'll have a look

We still hold hands when walking

Or together we link arms

You'll turn and smile at something

Just one of your old charms.

It's hard not to lose my patience

But you will never ever know

How I try to hide my tears from you

As I still love you so."