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5 ways to keep feet warm

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5 ways to keep feet warm

Cold weather can play havoc with your circulation causing your blood vessels to narrow and making it harder for warming blood to reach your extremities. Don’t let chilly hands and freezing feet keep you indoors all winter, following these warming tips….

1. Eat yourself warm

In the colder months forget salads and switch to soups, stews and curries to keep you warm. Add warming spices such as ginger, chilli, cardamom and mustard seeds to your cooking to help your circulation, warm you up and boost your mood and immunity. 

2. Try rebounding

Rebounding, or jumping on a small trampoline, is brilliant for your circulation. As you jump up and down blood and oxygen are pumped around your body and pushed all the way to your fingers and toes. Rebounding is low impact so it’s perfect if you have joint problems and it’s a great way to burn calories too. 

3. Wrap up warm

It goes without saying that wearing warm clothing could stop your hands and feet getting cold and your circulation getting sluggish. But don’t be tempted to wear restrictive layers. Tight socks and waistbands could restrict your circulation. Wear loose layers instead to trap heat without limiting blood flow.

4. Wonder legs

Treat tired heavy legs and sluggish circulation with a supplement such as New Nordic Wonder Legs £23.15/30 tablets. Each bioactive nutrient-packed tablet contains French maritime pine bark, red vine leaf extract and black pepper to help maintain normal vein and blood vessel function and reduce the feeling of tiredness in your legs. It’s ideal if your circulation is affected by a lot of time spent sitting or too many hours on your feet. Find out more at

5. Massage away cold

There are more than 2000 nerve endings in each foot so if you want to stimulate your circulation, massaging your feet can really help. Rosemary essential oil helps to boost circulation so add a few drops to a plain lotion and use it to massage your feet. Place one hand on top of your foot and the other on your sole. Rub your hands back and forth across your foot in short, brisk strokes (this is especially helpful for cold feet). Concentrate on the entire foot, from toe to heel. Finally, squeeze each toe individually and then gently stretch it before going to the next.


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