4 reasons to treat yourself to a massage

4 reasons to treat yourself to a massage
  • Good for the body - According to a survey, 43 per cent of people get a massage for medical reasons. One of the major benefits of a massage is the way it can help your body. Having a massage relaxes your muscles in the area where tensions can lie, improves digestion, and actively promotes circulation throughout your body. Thai massages are particularly good for loosening stiff joints, so if this is a problem you have, try this form of a massage.
  • Soothes anxiety - Massage can also alleviate anxiety and stress. The touch of a therapist will send signals to your brain that result in feel-good chemicals flooding your body. Just having time to yourself can make you feel better instantly, and even improve your overall well-being.
  • Helps you sleep - Having a massage relaxes the body, making muscles feel less tense. The Sleep Council says that relaxing your body is one of the key ingredients to being able to sleep. It is easier for our bodies to go into a state of deep relaxation when we are more comfortable. Massages have also been known to help with sleep disorders.
  • Relieves headaches - As well as the body and mind, if you find yourself having one particular problem, such as a headache, there are benefits of certain massage treatments for that too. An Indian head massage is perfect -  it focuses on releasing the stress that gets caught up in your head, neck and shoulder muscles.

Clare Weyers is a beauty specialist and runs Elite School Of Beauty Therapy in Bishop Stortford. They offer a range of different massage courses for those wanting to learn the skills.

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