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21 sneaky ways to cut the carbs

HealthBauer Xcel
21 sneaky ways to cut the carbs

Colleen Branch from Expert Home Tips shares her top carb-cutting tricks:

1. Cauliflower pizza crust
If you’re a big pizza fan then you’ll be pleased to hear about this great alternative to pizza dough- using cauliflower! Find out how to make it here then top with aubergine, cheese and red onion, mozzarella and tomato or ham, marscapone and basil.

 2. Avocado chips
This crispy avocado fries recipe from gives you a mouth-watering alternative to spuds in about 20 minutes. Serve these wrapped in bacon, with eggs and salsa or with chicken.

3. Cabbage Noodles
Perfect for a quick evening meal. Grab a sharp knife, chopping board and slice your cabbage into long strips. Fill a saucepan with water and give your cabbage a quick boil. Lovely and easy and goes brilliantly with a good tomato sauce, cheese and meaty chunks such as chicken.

4. Aubergine and courgette lasagne
Use vegetables instead of pasta slices to make an incredibly tasty lasagne. Just use courgette and aubergine slices to make your layers and cover with cheese.

5. Cauliflower mash
Simply chop up your cauliflower into bite-sized bits, steam (or boil) then blend or mash them up with a bit of butter, salt and pepper. If you’ve got a food processor, it’s even easier. Then serve with sausages, fried aubergine or cottage pie.

6. Broccoli cauliflower mash
The supermarkets are now stocking these trendy new packets of equal amounts of broccoli and cauliflower – which is great news for making this simple mash. Follow the same instructions as with the cauliflower mash above and try with pork steak, portobello mushroom or instead of the mash in your shepherds pie.

7. Cloud bread
Use these tasty grain-less bread alternatives for sandwiches and burgers. You can even toast cloud bread making them perfect for breakfast- check out the recipe at

8. Cauliflower tortillas
All you really need for these are cauliflower and eggs and you’re set. Visit simple tortilla recipe from Slim Palate to find out how to make them. They'd make tasty quesadillas for all the cheese fans out there too.

9. Portobello mushroom buns
Goodbye burger bun, hello mushroom bun. This is perfect for barbecue season, so if you’re heading to a friend’s then remember to pick up some portobellos. There’s an easy recipe at you might want to try out.

10. Courgette chips
These are great for dipping making them a lovely appetiser or nibble when you've got guests. Find the recipe here.

11. Radish crisps
These little bites would brighten up any table and they’d also make a great party snack. Serve with your favourite dip!

12. Courgette fritti
Replace matchstick fries with a tasty portion of courgette fritti. You can find a recipe for these battered beauties at Serve with steak, omlette or cod.

13. White bean mash
Grab a can of haricot beans, rinse and bring to the boil in a small pan with stock and minced garlic. Simmer for 10 minutes and then mash. It’s a splendid substitute for potato mash and the addition of garlic makes it extra tasty. Give it a whirl for a quick and easy mid-week dinner.

14. Carrot chips
Tastes a lot like sweet potatoes but are even better for you. Check out a good recipe here and just add some thyme leaves for an extra kick.

15. Kale crisps
Kale crisps are very easy to do as you can now easily buy packet full of the leaves from most supermarkets. Preheat the oven to 175°C, line a baking tray and spread your leaves on it. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes until edges are brown. The best thing about these is that you can dress them up any way you like – with what ever flavours you prefer. We love them with cumin, chilli or curry powder.

16. Courgetti
There are a few ways to make this spaghetti substitute, either with a peeler or julienne peeler or with a very fancy spiraliser. You can even cut them if you’ve got the patience! Wilt the courgetti using a little butter and water in a pan and eat with chicken and sweetcorn, pesto and mushroom or meatballs.

17. Carrot and swede mash
A tasty and easy mash that goes great with roast dinners. Boil up your 500g chopped carrot with 500g chopped swede and then mash when they’re soft. Some supermarkets will even offer pre-chopped bags of both. Add a dash of nutmeg and a sprinkling of pepper and salt and you’re done.

18. Butternut squash cubes
Perfect with meats, salads, or on their own.Chop your butternut squash into cubes, whack them on a baking tray with salt, pepper and olive oil. Cook at around 200°C and bake until golden. You can add flavours as well such as chilli flakes and cumin, or go for rosemary and thyme.

19. Cauliflower couscous
Make an easy rice or couscous substitute by grating cauliflower into a pan with a little oil and sauté for 5 minutes. Then add salt and pepper and try with honey and soy chicken, stir-fried vegetables or beef strips.

20. Lettuce wrap
Enjoy a crunchy welcome alternative to the wrap by grabbing some iceberg lettuce leaves and cramming with your favourite fillings. We love this with pork mince, chilli and shallots, salsa and guacamole or stir-fried beef.

21. Vegetable crisps
These are simple to make and absolutely delicious. Try out these oven roasted herbed vegetable crisps from